Privacy Policy

Your privacy is vital for 6 Month Loans 1 Hour. This privacy policy has been designed to help you take informed decisions about loan borrowing by using our website. It tells the borrower about information collected, used and shared by the user. Besides it also informs you about our products and services that are obtainable through us. So, you must manage some time from your schedule to go through carefully our privacy policy.

6 Month Loans 1 Hour are associated with reputable lenders who will be allowed to handle your application request. This means we will be forwarding your personal details to trusted lenders who are registered and have years of experience. We will be keeping your essential details with utmost level of protection. We will also conduct safety practices to ensure that you can apply safely and securely through us.

Our website 6 Month Loans 1 Hour has been designed in such manner that if someone has to browse some information from our site, none will enquire about his or her identity. However if he or she is here to apply for loans then an online application should be filled in and completed duly by the applicant. It should be noted here that valid details should be furnished in the loan application.

Details that we seek from the user of this site 6 Month Loans 1 Hour can be categorized under personally identifiable details and non personally identifiable details. So, personal details which are mainly name, physical address, email id, telephone number, date of birth, social security number, employment details, citizenship status, information about home ownership, frequency and amount of pay checks etc are collected via the online form which the applicant is supposed to complete. These details play a vital role in determining the background of the applicant. Moreover the contact information helps us contact the user to notify him or her about upcoming offers, products and services.

Besides, non personal details which are basically IP address, access time, browser type and language, pages that have been accessed from our website 6 Month Loans 1 Hour, other sites which have been visited by the user of this site etc are also essential. These details will tell us about the browsing experience of the user, whether or not this website has been useful for him or her and whether or not the user want any changes on this website.

There are third party links attached to our site which are independent entities and have different privacy policy and terms and conditions to follow.

We may change our policy from time and time without even notifying you. So, we would advise you to go through this page whenever you pay visit to this page.

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