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Looking for installment loans? 6 Month Loans 1 Hour has provided the platform to get loans with pliable term for repayment. You can now seek for our assistance any time and at touch of a button. In other words here an easy mode has been offered through which you can opt for loans even when you are at home or while working at office. Loan availing has made easy minus hassles.

But before you register with us you must not forget to verify the rates at which loans have been made available for you by lenders. Since we are not lenders, we will not be lending money to you. But, we will make sure that you are able to contact potential lenders who can arrange funds for you.

Rates and charges:

Interest rates:

Rate of interest will be decided by the lender. These rates might vary from lender to lender. The lender would affix the interest amount after taking the loan sum applied in to consideration. Here it has been made possible for you to compare rates in order to choose the right price based on your preferences.

APR rate:

APR which is the abbreviation for Annual Percentage Rate means the total charge for credit including fees and other internal cost. It should also be noted here that these charges will differ from lender to lender.

No service charges:

Best thing about registering here at 6 Month Loans 1 Hour is that here no extra charges will be levied for comparing and processing purposes. This means one can now opt for our services free of cost.

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