Cookie Policy

What is in a cookie?

6 Month Loans 1 Hour are an online website that applies cookies to enhance the browsing experience of the user. So, cookie is basically a text file which carries some piece of information and is preserved in the computer hard drive of the user. These small files work mainly to improve the UKbility of the site. Cookies are created when the user loads our website using a particular browser type.

6 Month Loans 1 Hour uses cookies which are harmless in nature and thus can be allowed to be stored in the computer. Besides, these small computer files occupy very little space from the computer and will not steal any personal information of the user from his or her computer. It should be noted here that cookies are exclusive for a particular browser type that has been used while accessing a website. So, when the same has been browsed using the same browser, then the saved information about the user will get retrieved from the computer of the user.

Without cookies it would not be possible for website like 6 Month Loans 1 Hour to remember a user. In such cases every time the website will treat the visitor as a new visitor. Cookies are not programmed to store any personal information about the user. These little packets of data will be responding to the user as an individual.

Cookies will help website like 6 Month Loans 1 Hour to customize its operations according to the needs of the user. In other words cookies are capable of gathering information related to the likes and dislikes of the user. Everything about cookies has been highlighted in our cookie policy which has been attached as a separate page along with this site. So, please just take a few moments to read carefully what has been shared in this page.

These small text files will contain some anonymous information like unique identifier, site name and some digits and numbers. If cookies are not used for a website like 6 month installment loans, then the website will every time consider you as a new user.

What are the uses of cookies?

Cookies are added to a website so that a user can navigate easily from one page to another page of the website. Most importantly the cookie enables the website to monitor the visitor traffic. So, with the help of cookies the total number of visitor to this site can be known. At the same time additional information like IP address, access time, browser type and language, the source from where the user has been recommend to this site, the pages accessed by the user etc. For marketing purposes also cookies are used.

How to control cookies?

To delete or control cookies, the user must adjust the browser settings accordingly.

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